Michael Buccowich

Writing. Editing. Content strategy.

I help digital marketers create inspiring digital experiences with thoughtful content design, copywriting and editing.

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Great content gets results.


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Michael Buccowich

People ask me how I went from financial advisor to content strategist. It wasn't really a leap -- I'm a writer by nature. I know how to communicate to the audiences I serve in relatable and compelling ways.

They also ask, "What's content strategy?" Yikes! A big question.

In a few words, we make vital content areas more effective. We design and write. We create inventories and audit what we find. We also measure results and optimize, among other things.

It's both broad and deep. And it's crucial because there's a human audience at the center of it.

Writing and editing come with the territory. I enjoy creating copy that hits home and also improving what others have written.

Selected writing projects

An interactive guide for financial advisors to find, price and compare retirement plans for their clients

My role Writing, editing, content strategy

A simple way for financial advisors evaluate and compare target date funds for unbiased guidance

My role Writing, editing, content strategy

A safety promo on women's heart health

My role Writing

Selected editing projects

A retirement plan site with various digital copy styles I edited for readability, consistency and accuracy

My role Editing, content strategy

FAQs page for high-net-worth clients I formatted and edited for readability

My role Editing, digital formatting

Legal disclosure for client accounts I edited for readability, consistency and accuracy

My role Editing

Selected content strategy and content design projects

Guidelines to document business, user and experience goals and anchor the project team

My role Content strategy

An investment resources page I prioritized for business goals and redesigned for usability

My role Content design, strategy, writing

Career site redesign I helped optimize for menus, message flows and calls-to-action

My role Content design, strategy, writing


Get in Touch

I am interested in connecting with people looking for an expert to help them with freelance copywriting, editing and content strategy on a part-time, remote basis.

I'm a quick study on any topic (always curious) and specialize in subjects involving finance, investing and yes, dentistry. Ask me about that!